Behavior Measure of Success

While researching various animal trainers who will gladly take your money to train your pet, you very likely have come across the professionals who advertise quick and guaranteed results; for example, a two-week board and train guaranteed to “fix” your aggressive dog; or a horse trainer promising to “break” your new horse in just one session so it is safe to be ridden by your young child.

We all absolutely love quick results and easy solutions to complex problems.

However, before we take these tempting options, we should ask ourselves- what is the measure of success?

At Synergy, we know that real-life results and long term successful behavior modification, just like successful therapy for humans, is NOT achieved in two weeks, or even in six weeks. It is a long term process of changing our own behavior in order to help our animals, and in fully Incorporating three components for measuring true success:

1. Behavior therapy, NOT behavior suppression. We know it is essential to change the underlying emotional and physical reasons for challenging behaviors. Science has shown us again and again that punishing and suppressing behaviors does not lead to healthy and lasting behavior change in individuals or populations.

2. Behavior doesn’t lie. The animal’s behavior moment by moment- movement, body language, communication- will tell you easily how successful your training has been. Competent, educated, and effective trainers will never tell you exactly how much time it will take to work through a specific problem until it is “fixed”. The behavior speaks for itself- what the animal IS doing, rather than what they are NOT doing.

3. You get out what you put in. Real change takes time and effort. There are no magic tools, no magic wands, and no amount of money that will let you avoid changing your own behavior while still getting real results. Anyone who makes you a promise like this will likely cost you lots more money and possible heartbreak down the road.


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