Veterinary Behavior Services in Portland

We work with dogs, cat and birds who need help with:

  • Reactivity and aggression
  • House-soiling
  • Destructiveness
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Pet-pet introductions
  • Fears and phobias
  • Separation distress
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Senior behavioral changes
  • And more…

Behavior Health Assessments for Pets


We understand that addressing a pet's unwanted behavior can be frustrating, stressful, embarrassing, and even frightening. You don't need to navigate this alone! Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and integrated behavioral treatment to support and guide you along the path to your pet's behavioral recovery. The way to start this path is with our unique client and patient-centered two-part consultation with our Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Valli.

Part 1: In-Person Behavior Health Assessment Appointment 

This in-person appointment takes place at our NW Portland facility. Before the appointment, our team reviews your pet's behavioral and medical history in-depth. During the appointment, Dr. Valli will conduct a physical and behavioral evaluation, discuss diagnoses and medical rule-outs, overall assessment of your pet's behavior, and collaborate with you to develop a short-term diagnostic and treatment plan. Depending on the patient, the short-term plan may include environmental and social interaction changes, thermal imaging, medications, and/or additional diagnostic tests done either at our practice or at your primary veterinarian's clinic.

After the appointment, you will receive informational handouts and a detailed clinical summary. Your primary veterinarian will also receive information about the appointment and recommendations to keep them updated on your pet's treatment plan.

For scheduling purposes, set aside up to 1 and 1/4 hours for this appointment.

Part 2: Virtual Appointment

This virtual appointment takes place via Zoom. During this appointment, Dr. Valli will review with you what aspects of the short-term plan you've been able to implement and their efficacy, review any screening or diagnostic tests that were run through Synergy, and cooperative development of a long-term plan to address your pet's behavior. This long-term plan may include behavior modification, medications, supplements, diet changes, or other environmental or social changes. Occasionally, she may request to view areas of your home that are relevant to the treatment plan.

After the appointment, you and your primary veterinarian will receive a detailed clinical summary including any diagnostic results.

For scheduling purposes, set aside up to 30 minutes for this appointment.


Dr. Valli will set up a customized follow-up schedule to directly support you and your pet during the acute phase of treatment. This lasts 2-4 weeks for most patients. After the acute phase, you will work with our veterinary support team and our animal trainers to continue to improve your pet's behavior. Dr. Valli will still be involved with the oversight and management of your pet's care during this period. Email communication for simple questions about your pet's treatment is included with the doctor appointment fees. An appointment with a Behavior Technician or Doctor may be required for complicated questions.

The first Behavior Progress Evaluation with Dr. Valli is 6 months after the initial consult. To remain an active client, you and your pet need to meet with Dr. Valli every 6 months.

Registration and Pre-Consult

  1. Fill out a Veterinary Behavior History Form for each pet you would like us to assess. The more detailed the information you provide will allow our behavior vets to provide a more customized treatment for your pet.
    - Birds and other species - contact us directly
  2. We will contact you to schedule both the in-person and virtual appointments once we receive your pet's form. We will collect the appointment fee at the time of scheduling. If the appointment is canceled at least a week before its scheduled date, all but $150 is refundable.


Behavioral Health Assessment (Two Parts)
Add additional pet**
Behavior Progress Evaluation (For active clients)
Add additional pet**
Medical Management Appointment with Behavior Technician $85
Behavior Therapy Session with Animal Trainers $110 (comes in packages)

** With a problem directly related to the primary pet's problem (for example two pets that are fighting)

NOTE: Prices do not include labwork, medications, or other products.

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