Veterinary Behavior Services in Portland

We work with dogs, cat and birds who need help with:

  • Reactivity and aggression
  • House-soiling
  • Destructiveness
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Pet-pet introductions
  • Fears and phobias
  • Separation distress
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Senior behavioral changes
  • And more…

Behavior Health Assessments for Pets


With recent changes to safety guidance regarding COVID, we are able to see new patients in-person. This pet behavioral consult will include:

  • Your behavior veterinarian review of your pet’s medical and behavioral history
  • Your behavior veterinarian conducting an appointment to assess your pet’s behavior, general health, and environment
  • You and your behavior veterinarian develop a treatment plan to be initiated to reduce the problem behaviors
  • Additional diagnostics or treatments may be recommended to be done through your primary veterinarian
  • Your assessment also includes up to two 10-minute phone calls with the Behavioral Veterinarian in the first month after the consult

Registration and Pre-Consult

  1. Fill out a Veterinary Behavior History Form for each pet you would like us to assess. The more detailed the information you provide will allow our behavior vets to provide a more customized treatment for your pet.
    Dog Behavior Form
    Cat Behavior Form
    Birds and other species - contact us directly
  2. We will contact you to schedule once we have received your pet's form. We will collect a non-refundable $150 reservation deposit at the time of scheduling that will applied toward the cost of your appointment.
  3. The remainder of payment will be due a week before the appointment date.

Veterinary Behavior Health Assessment
Our team starts preparing for your pet's consult before we meet with you. Our behavior vets will review your pet's medical and behavioral history, and discuss them with our team. In most cases.

  1. The appointment itself is 60 - 75min. long
  2. Our behavior vet will meet with you at our facility in NW Portland at the scheduled time.
  3. During the consult, our behavior veterinarian will spend some time observing your pet and clarifying any questions she may have from the Veterinary Behavior History Form that you filled out prior to the consult.
  4. During the assessment our veterinarian will:
    • Help you understand your pet's behavior
    • Discuss diagnosis and prognosis of the problem behaviors
    • Discuss treatment options with you, including immediate environmental management solutions, and a brief description of behavior modification techniques as appropriate. The techniques described will be progressive, compassionate, and minimally invasive
    • Discuss follow-up recommendations based on you and your pet's needs
  5. After the consultation, our behavior veterinarian will send you a summary of the consultation findings and send a copy to your regular veterinarian as well to keep them updated as part of your pet's behavioral health team. Follow-up behavior modification classes and sessions are often recommended for treatment and are available with our Certified trainers.

Your pet's first Progress Evaluation Recheck will take place online and occurs between 6-8 weeks after the initial assessment depending on your pet's behavioral conditions and treatment plan. After this, active patients are seen every 3-6 months depending on where they are in their treatment.

Behavioral Health Assessment*
(contact us for pricing for bird consults)
$395, up to 1 hour
Behavior Progress Evaluation
(For active clients)*
$225, up to 45 minutes
For an additional pet with a problem directly related to the primary pet's problem (for example two pets that are fighting) $175

* Includes 1 - 2 follow up contacts by our veterinary assistants in the first month of treatment.

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