Animal behavior and training is an exciting field with a depth of theory and behavioral science behind it. These on-demand videos provide a focused and practical look at different topics in animal behavior to give pet lovers more information in topics they are interested in. Watch these if you’d like ideas for things you can do immediately with your furred or feathered companion.

VIDEO ON DEMAND: Puppies in the Time of COVID-19

Are you worried about making sure your puppy gets the best start in life?
Are you wondering how to start shaping that calm, confident, friendly dog you dreamed of raising?

Join us for an hour of information, tips, and guidance for new puppy owners during this time of social distancing. You’ll learn all learn about fun and effective strategies for puppy raising, which you can implement right now.

VIDEO ON DEMAND: Surviving Kitty Chaos

Is your cat getting underfoot? Is your kitten using you like a pincushion? Do you just want you kitty to have the best life possible? Then look no further!

Learn how to help keep your cat occupied and happy during your time at home. This fun and informative webinar will combine lecture and examples to explore ways to help kitties be their best selves.

VIDEO ON DEMAND: Dog Distancing

One of the best parts of social distancing is that we are spending more time at home with our dogs. But are you worried about how your dog will adjust when you start working outside of the house again? This video discusses “red flags” that can help identify dogs who may have difficulty being left alone, and games that you can start today to help make the transition to being alone go easier for your pup.