Cat low maintenance


There is a pervasive belief that cats are easy pets.

Many folks talk about cats as animals that mostly care for themselves, entertain themselves, are largely independent, and prefer to just sleep all day and eat out of a bowl.

These assumptions are simply not true.

????Cats are NOT “low maintenance” pets!????

Bored, under-stimulated cats are cats that can easily develop behavior issues. The same is true for cats who are not feeling safe, clean, and provided with basic, species-specific care. Spraying, peeing/ pooping outside their litter boxes, aggressive behavior, and destructive behavior are just a few of the more common behavior struggles cat guardians are likely to see if they do not meet their cats’ needs.

????Cats are very clean animals, and they need their litter boxes cleaned at least once daily, just like humans like to have our toilets flushed at least once daily.

????Cats are intelligent & need mental stimulation. Interactive toys, environmental enrichment, and training can be great ways to keep especially indoor cats busy and out of trouble. A mentally and physically stimulated cat is a happy cat.

????Cats ARE social animals. They want and need engagement with their people. They also enjoy interactions with other cats or animals within their social group. However, this does not mean they automatically get along with all other cats.

????Cats have an instinctual cycle to hunt, eat, groom and sleep multiple times a day. Split your cat’s meals into 5+ portions and spread them out around the house or feed through interactive toys that allow them to engage in the stalk, catch, eat sequence.

Let’s stop pretending cats are easy, low maintenance pets without complex and individual needs.

Let’s start investing in our cats’ lives by providing a variety of activities, spending quality time with them, and finding creative ways for them to practice natural behaviors.

Do more with your cat.

Your cat will thank you for it.


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