Synergy has evolved over the course of its existence, and especially over this time of COVID. Our team leaned into these changes without hesitation to provide online support for our clients and their pets. I became a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, and as a practice we started expanding our services to include some diagnostics and also sedation appointments for patients. Scott and I as co-owners felt that it was time to update our practice name and logo to reflect these changes.

What’s in a Name?

Synergy refers to a set of conditions under which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is true in animal behavior in general, and more specifically in how our practice functions. Our team comes together to help a pet in behavioral distress, collaboratively including veterinarians, animal trainers, and other animal professionals.

Our practice is unique in that our animal trainers and veterinary teams are fully integrated into the daily running of the practice which allows for frequent communication about patients by everyone who is working with them. This gives patients and clients the benefit of the entire team pulling for them.

We decided to change our name from Synergy Veterinary Behavior to Synergy Veterinary Behavior to help define what our practice is about, and to help the general public understand that the core of our practice is veterinary behavioral medicine. 

What About the Logo Image?

I admit that changing the logo image was a difficult decision because I especially have become attached to the original logo. We ultimately decided that it was the right thing to do. When updating, we referenced several aspects of our original logo. We kept the original colors, the presence of a dog and cat, and also the idea of the dog being a non-specific type (and with one ear up and down like in the original logo!).  The addition of the horse and the bird is an acknowledgment that we treat a range of species, not only dogs and cats. It also reflects our desire to continue to help those species that may not be often seen by a veterinary behavior team. We wanted an image that represented harmony among the different species, as well as potentially having individual images we can use on materials as well. Our designer added the evergreen trees as a Pacific Northwest reference, which we loved as well.

Some Upcoming Changes

Behavioral treatment can be complicated and challenging. The mission of our practice continues to be to provide effective, animal- and client-friendly treatment options for the Portland-metro area and beyond, while continuing to support our patients in as many ways as we can. Some upcoming changes to watch for are an updated and more user-friendly website launching in the near future, and new veterinary behavior services to help pets and their families reconnect and heal. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Our thanks to Laura Holden Design for designing our new logo for us!


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