Dog Parkour Foundations

Dog Parkour Foundations
Attendees: Limited to 6 dogs per class
Length: Weekly 50-minute sessions
Tuition: $175 for 6 weeks; first week for handlers only
Special Notes:  Dogs must be comfortable at least hearing
other dogs working (bouncing or jumping) within 10 feet
of them, and comfortable with people. Dogs will be worked
in harnesses that clip at the back, and 6′ leashes. Prior
injuries or physical challenges may need veterinary

Dog Parkour TM, also called known as urban agility, combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike.Parkour can be done anywhere (indoors and outdoors) and is limited only by the person’s imagination.  This is the world of jumping, climbing, balancing, going under, or around different obstacles in their everyday world.

Dog Parkour helps with confidence, overcoming fears and gives dogs great focus. The sport can easily be adapted to accommodate a variety of ages, skill levels and abilities. It is low impact but can be a very challenging activity for any canine athlete. In this 6 week long class we will introduce dogs to the Dog Parkour world.

Class will focus on the International Dog Parkour Association’s Training and Novice level. (http://www.dogparkour.org). Our goal is lay a strong, solid foundation to the sport. Class is held indoors at our fully matted, air-conditioned Behavior Center.

The first week of class is for people only. We will be covering safety measures and other training information to give you the best possible start to class.

Dogs will be worked at the same time, so your dog needs to be comfortable with dogs working (jumping, bouncing, etc.) within 10′ of their personal space, usually (but not always) visual barriers. When not working, dogs will be either crated, in an ex-pen, or tethered to the wall in the building. 
While performing parkour skill dogs will be worked on a harness that clips in the back and a 6′ leash.

The instructor of the class, Synergy’s own Sara McLoudrey, has taken the Dog Parkour Instructor Course, and is looking forward to sharing these skills with you and your pup!