Get Set for the Vet
Attendees: Limited to 5 dogs
Length: 4 weekly sessions
Time: Approx. 45 min. per class
Tuition: $150 (per 4-week class)
Pre-requite: Dr. Valli’s active
clients or permission of

Does your dog run away from you when she sees you grab the ear drops? Does he hate taking his pills? Does she hide behind you at the vet’s office? Then this class is for you! Whether your dog already has a concern, or you’re being proactive to prevent it, we can help.

Also learn strategies to make veterinary visits fun rather than frightening. During the handler-only introduction, we cover the behaviors that will be focused on in class, how the training is done, and the finer points of reading your dog’s comfort.

The topics covered in each class are customized based on the needs of the students, but common topics are:

  • Ear cleaning/medications
  • Eye cleaning/medications
  • Examinations by new people
  • Nail trimming
  • Grooming/brushing
  • Muzzle conditioning

Dogs who have growled at, snapped at or snarled at, or bitten their veterinarian or staff, you, or anyone else during handling will need to be comfortable wearing a muzzle for safety during training. Dogs who have bitten a person will need to be individually assessed by Dr. Valli prior to joining class.

This class is not suitable for dogs who bark at or lunge towards people or dogs who are in their vicinity. Please contact us for options on how we can most appropriately help you and your dog.