Muzzled dogs unite


Muzzled dogs have a bit of a bad reputation. ????

Some people assume that a muzzled dog will bite people and is a dangerous dog. Other people think that are muzzles are cruel and restrictive.

But guess what??

Muzzles are actually magic! ????????????

Dogs wear muzzles out and about, or even in the house, for a wide variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • The dog might be a recovering reactive dog, and the muzzle keeps people and other animals safe as they work on their training skills. We always strive to train under the dog’s stress threshold, but the environment can sometimes be unpredictable.
  • The dog might be a bit of a scavenger who eats random items found on the ground, thus making them sick! Even a well-trained “leave it” fails sometimes, so a muzzle might be a great option to allow the dog to sniff and explore safely.
  • The dog might be a newly adopted companion whose family is unsure yet of how they feel about new people or new dogs. A muzzle provides peace of mind!
  • The dog might be a bit of a rough player who is still learning not to use their teeth too much at the dog park- the muzzle allows off-leash play while keeping other dogs safe!
  • There might be some tension or aggression issues in a multi-dog household, and the muzzle allows the dogs to work on positive associations and training exercises while safeguarding against failed management (like a gate that accidentally gets left open).

At Synergy, we believe every dog should be muzzle trained- this means that we condition a positive association to the muzzle, so the dog not only tolerates wearing it but actually enjoys the process!

Why should your dog be muzzle trained, you ask?????

+ If your dog gets injured, they might need to be muzzled to be properly treated by medical professionals.
+ Some countries require dogs to be muzzled during transport.
+ It is a fun training game and boosts your relationship with your dog, while also boosting their confidence!

Fun fact: a muzzle is the only tool that prevents a behavior without being aversive to the dog!

Is your dog muzzle trained? Why or why not?


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