Petite Pooches
Attendees: Limited to 6 dogs
Length: 4 weekly sessions
Time: Approx. 45 min. per class
Tuition: $140 (per 4-week class)
Reactive Dog Friendly: Yes
Other: For dogs under 20 lbs.

Our Petite Pooch class is a training class tailored for our little canine companions. This class will focus on basic skills that a little Lady or Sir need so that they can flourish as polite members of society.

Some of the skills we will be working on are: Social Media Stays, being calm for leashing and dressing, enjoying being picked up, safety and comfort out and about and a variety of other useful skills.

Class is open to dogs under 20 pounds and is suitable for graduates of reactive dog classes. Each dog will have their own training suite.

If you are not familiar with positive animal training techniques we highly recommend attending our People Training for Pets workshop.