Reactive Rover Classes

Reactive Rover: Foundations

Attendees: Limited to 4 dogs

Includes:  One 2-hour Handler Workshop
+ 6 weeks of class with your dog
Time: 50 minutes per class (with dogs)
Tuition: $325 (includes Handler Workshop)
Pre-reqs:  Prescreen via registration, Handler
Special Notes:
Head halter and/or front-clip harness required
for control and safety. Contact us to find out why.

Reactive Rover: Continuing Skills

Sign up for a 4, 6 or 8 session, class credit package.

Then select the classes you’d like to take.
Attendees: Limited to 5 dogs
Time: 50 minutes per class (with dogs)
Tuition: 4-session ($160), 6-session ($230),
and 8-session ($275) packages
Pre-reqs: Reactive Rover: Foundations or Permission of

Reactive Rover: Foundations
(Handler Workshop + Dog Class)
Does the thought of taking your dog for a walk stress you out? Does your dog’s barking and lunging at other dogs cause embarrassment? Are you ready to take quiet walks again with your best friend? Don’t fear, help is here!Our Reactive Rover: Foundations class takes place in the climate controlled comfort of our center’s training space. This class is all on-leash, and focuses on building calm with dogs at a distance. All of our classes are kept supportive and safe, to help you learn skills and strategies to make walks more peaceful again.

Please Note: This class does not address barking, lunging or growling towards people or objects. If your dog has any of these behaviors we still can help! please contact us to find out what services we offer that can help you and your dog.

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Reactive Rover: Continuing Skills
You’ve taken our Foundations class to help you to gain greater confidence with having your dog around other dogs. Now it’s time to keep building reactivity skills and obedience around other dogs.

Class focuses on the skills learned in Reactive Rover: Foundations and adds news skills. Each week is a different topic and focus.

This class is a punchcard style class. Once you buy a package, you can choose to come every week, or just when your schedule allows. Packages are offered as 4, 6 or 8 class packages.

This class is helpful if you don’t quite feel ready for Brains and Brawn or you are planning on taking our Reactive Rover: Open Air classes.

Prerequisite: RR: Foundations class and/or prior approval of instructors

For full information about our pre-screening process and class policies, please visit our class policy page. For commonly questions we are asked about class, visit our class FAQs page.