separation anxiety

You have probably seen the social media advertisements, right?

The extra soft bed that “cures” anxious dogs;
the special indestructible metal crate that helps dogs with separation anxiety feel “safer”;
or the super-tall fences (sometimes with coyote rollers!) over which no dog can leap.

These are such tempting, easy, albeit often rather expensive, proposed solutions to a very complex problem.

But the truth is, separation-related distress can NOT be resolved by spending hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on fancy crates or more fencing.

In fact, there is no product you can purchase that will “fix” your dog’s separation distress or anxiety (including that weird piece of doggie headgear or that electronic shock collar).

Separation anxiety and distress in dogs is an extremely common behavior struggle; in fact, studies indicate it is far more common than we think. Most of us think our pets are “fine” while we are gone, because we do not come home to mass destruction, escaped pets, injured pets, big messes, or angry neighbors. However, research has shown that many of these “fine” pets are displaying stress throughout our absences.

Most people who seek help for their pets’ separation related issues do so because the problem has become extreme enough to negatively impact their lives (either through the cost of vet bills, furniture repair, and home repair, or due to threats of eviction or fines because of noise complaints from neighbors and landlords).

Separation related distress and anxiety is a complex struggle and it takes intentional and committed positive reinforcement training, careful conditioning, and time to fully resolve.

You cannot confine or punish separation anxiety away. Do not be fooled by the tempting advertisements!

If your pet is struggling with separation related distress or anxiety, we are here to help. Contact us immediately and get yourself on the path to a harmonious home.


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