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We really love good management! It has been on our minds recently, especially with so many pet guardians working and attending school from home. Now is a fantastic time to establish good management practices to help bring out the best in your pet! Managing the environment is often a matter of safety. We prioritize the safety of our clients and our patients above all else.

But here’s the thing: nobody is perfect, and management can fail. In fact, at some point, management will fail. What happens then?

This is why we often recommend that pet guardians create a “double bubble” of management.

A double bubble is a management concept that involves providing a backup layer of management whenever one can realistically be applied. The backup layer is there in case the other layer fails. Here are a few examples of double bubbles:

⚙️A dog wearing a muzzle AND attached to a leash.

????A closed door AND a baby gate.

????Two baby gates on either ends of a hallway.

????A tether AND an exercise pen.

????A latch on a rodent enclosure AND a locking mechanism.

The cool thing about double bubbles is that not only do they keep humans and animals safer, but they also allow more opportunities for successful training sessions. For example, a double bubble in a hallway allows for visual access in a home working through interdog aggression issues, but does not allow the dogs to get right up next to each other. The same setup can allow for a cat to safely get used to the arrival of a new baby, without the growing infant reaching through a gate and accessing the cat.

Here are a few scenarios in which we might use double management:

????Human or dog directed reactivity/ aggression

????Babies and children in a home with cats and/ or dogs

????Resource guarding

How about you? What is a scenario in which you have used multiple layers of management?


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