Vet Phobia Treatment Progam
Initial Consult Fee:
$100 for new patients
$75 for existing Synergy patients
Post-consult training packages available

Are you a pet parent who avoids taking your dog to the veterinarian because of his behavior? Are you a veterinarian who has a patient that you’d like to help be more comfortable at your hospital? Our Vet Phobia Treatment Program may be a good fit for you!

This unique program is designed to help dogs (and in the future cats) who are fearful or aggressive at the vet’s office, don’t like having their nails trimmed, or exhibit fear or aggression during other husbandry procedures. What to expect:

Initial Dog Vet Phobia Consult

Fill out our online Vet Phobia History Form. Meet with Dr. Nicole Froelich at our Portland facility for an initial assessment of your dog’s level of comfort with different aspects of veterinary care. The goal of this assessment is to keep your dog as comfortable as possible so that fearful or aggressive behavior is avoided. She will discuss what has worked and not worked for your dog in the past, and work with you to prioritize treatment.

Dr. Nicole will work with you to create and implement a behavior treatment plan for your dog.  Handling recommendations, anxiety-relief products, diet or environmental changes, and/or medications may be discussed. Your pup’s plan may include reward-based training during Behavior Therapy Sessions with our Certified Trainers

After the Initial Dog Vet Phobia Consultation

  1. Less Stress Veterinary Care. Depending on your dog’s plan, follow-up appointments may be recommended to assess the effectiveness of pre-visit and examination strategies. For those patients who are attending Behavior Therapy Sessions with our trainers, your dog will learn to be comfortable with veterinary and husbandry handling. We can take opportunities during follow-ups and Behavior Therapy Sessions to provide basic healthcare such as wellness examinations, vaccines, and lab work. The goal is to allow your dog to continue to have health care in a neutral place while undergoing behavioral treatment until their Vet Phobia has improved.
  2. Ready for your Primary Vet! Once your dog’s treatment has been completed and your dog is ready, we will communicate with your primary veterinarian about what strategies are working for your dog. We will then transfer your dog’s care back to them, with new skills to help you and your dog have a more comfortable veterinary experience.