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Can’t Spay or Neuter – Now You Need a Tutor

Did you know that spaying and neutering are considered elective surgery? 

Since most vets are only doing medically necessary surgeries most people will have an intact dog for the first time. Join this informative webinar on information about living with intact dogs. We will discuss behavioral issues (and the myths) that can arise from intact dogs and how to train and manage them. Living with intact dogs can be different but easily dealt with if you are prepared and knowledgable.

Come and learn from Synergy Veterinary Behavior Training and Behavior Modification Coordinator Sara McLoudrey. She has years of living with intact dogs and help demystify the issues and give practical and science-based advice and training.

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Capturing Calmness in Chaos

Do you ever feel like your dog has no “off switch”? Is your dog constantly barking, whining, pacing, bugging you to play, patrolling the house, or pestering the cat? Did you know that calmness is a skill? Every single dog can learn to be calm! It doesn’t matter the breed, background, or temperament. Yes, really! Join us for this webinar focused especially on installing a “dimmer switch” on your dog, and building calmness as a default. This especially important life skill can resolve the majority of dog behavior struggles, and bring peace to your home.

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Chicken Training 101

Join Synergy Veterinary Behavior resident Chicken Training Guru Grace Peck (not even punny!) in a 30-minute webinar about that Yes, you can train your backyard chickens!

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Dog Distancing: Preventing Separation Issues in a Time of Staying Home

During this time of Stay at Safe at Home our dogs are becoming more and more used to our presence, at home all day long. Truly for most people being home with their dog is the best part of Staying Safe At Home, but we need to think of the long term effects. 

This one hour webinar will discuss what separation distress looks like and some of the lower-level warning signs that your dog is developing separation-related anxiety. Then will offer a variety of training games and strategies you can start doing at home now to help your dog when it is time to go back to work.

The webinar is designed for puppies, newly adopted dogs, and even your dog who used to be “fine” with you leaving them home alone. Long-term changes in routines can change behavior, even for the most temperamentally stable dog. 

Come a learn how to help your dog now, for the future!

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Fine is a Four Letter Word!


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Managing the Multi-Dog Madness

If you have more than one dog in the home, this webinar is for you!

We will share expert tips on management, targeted dog training ideas for multi-dog households, and give you the structure you need to achieve a calm, happy, and harmonious household.

Manners ARE possible in your multi-dog home!

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Muzzle Maintenance Magic

Is your dog currently comfortable wearing their muzzle, but only standing still or for a minute of two? Does your dog tolerate their muzzle but they don’t love it? If so this webinar is for you! Join Synergy Behavior Solution’s Dog Training and Behavior Modification Coordinator and Muzzle Queen (yes that is a real title!) Sara McLoudrey for tips, tricks, and tidbits on how to move your muzzle training for toleration to fun! For many clients, once their dog’s muzzle skills are trained, they forget the fun Muzzle Maintenance phase that is critical to long term muzzle comfort and confidence. This dog behavior training webinar will be a mix of lectures and videos with plenty of time for questions at the end! Come on join us to put some Magic into your Muzzle Training! This webinar is suitable for pet owners whose dogs wear muzzles, dog training professionals, veterinary and shelter staff.

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Puppies in the Time of COVID

Join us for an hour of information, tips, and guidance for new puppy owners during this time of social distancing! Are you worried about making sure your puppy gets the best start in life? Are you wondering how to start shaping that calm, confident, friendly dog you dreamed of raising? Sign up for this puppy training webinar to learn about fun and effective strategies for puppy raising, which you can implement right now.

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Reactive to Proactive: Leash Handling and Movement for the reactive dog

Join us for a two-part series designed for those of us with dogs that bark, lunge, and pull on walks.

Learn essential strategies for body movement and leash handling that can have a profoundly positive impact on your daily walks, help you feel more confident and prepared, and actually launch you into the world of the seemingly impossible “Calm Walk”.

If you’re that person who finds walking your dog to be stressful, embarrassing, frightening or even something you dread doing, then this is the dog behavior training class for you!

Get to a place where both you and your dog enjoy those walks once again!

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Surviving Kitty Chaos During Social Distancing

Is your cat getting underfoot? Is your kitten using you as a pincushion? Learn how to help keep your cat occupied and happy during your time at home. This cat behavior training webinar will combine lecture and examples to explore ways to help kitties be their best selves.

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What is Dog Parkour?

Dog parkour is one of the fastest-growing dog sports in the world! The best part about this sport is that you can learn and practice right in your home. Discover the world of dog parkour and how it can safely enrich your dog’s life, and enhance your relationship with your dog, during this time of social distancing. Join us for a half-hour webinar with fun demonstrations of dog parkour, Q&A, and opportunities to learn more.

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